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Organic Vintners works directly with artisan winegrowers, small estate wineries, cooperatives and family owned farms to find distinctive, handcrafted wines that you are not likely to find or taste anywhere else in the world. All Organic Vintners selections are made from 100% certified organic grapes, grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. It's that simple. Come taste the true terroir.

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What you need to know about Organic Wine

Isn't all wine organic?
No. This is a common question I get because, I think, wineries are romanticized. True, wineries and tasting rooms are often fun and attractive places to visit, but the source of wine is wine grapes: an agricultural product. Conventional wine grapes are chemically treated like many other agricultural products to deal with pests, viruses, weeds, fungi, and to increase yield. There are known carcinogenic pesticides applied to wine grapes. Wine grapes, unlike many products, cannot be rinsed; therefore the pesticides end up in your glass. It's that simple. Want to see the list of chemicals? Click here.

Wine labels are not required to declare the use of animal by-products in the winemaking process. Animal by-products often used in clarifying or filtering wine include Isinglass (derived from fish), gelatin (derived from animal hooves) casein (a milk protein) and egg whites. Vegan wines are not produced with an animal product and are clarified with bentonite clay.

Low in Sulfites
Sulfites, also known Sulfur Dioxide (SO2), are a naturally occurring by-product of fermentation, and are also added to prevent the growth of unwanted bacteria and to preserve the quality and shelf-life of the bottled product. This makes the wine stable so the taste will not change during transportation or storage, and also allows the wine to age. Conventional wines may contain sulfite levels up to 350 parts per million (ppm) while wines made from certified organic grapes are required to contain less than 100 ppm. This translates to 100 mg per Liter, or less than 20 mg per glass. Our wines contain an average of about 60 ppm or about 0.00038 ounces per glass.

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Josh Feinblum