January 18, 2013
The Huffington Post
Natural Wine Can Learn from Natural Food
by Lee Schneider

October 10, 2012
For Immediate Release
Day Organic Cabernet Launch
by Paolo Bonetti

August 23, 2012
Food Republic
Should Organic Wine
Standards Change?
by Chantal Martineau

August 3, 2012
International Herald Tribune
The Lack of Veritas in Vino
by Eric Pfanner

February 24, 2012
Wine Spectator
U.S. and Europe Have Different
Definitions of Organic Wine
by Dana Nigro

February, 2012
EU agrees organic wine standard

February, 2012
The Gray Market Report
Obama Considers Huge Shakeup in
Alcohol Law, Eliminating TTB
By W. Blake Gray

January, 2012
The Beverage Analyst
Sulfites: Setting the Record
Straight on a
Common Misperception
By W.R. Tish

December, 2011
The Gray Market Report
Sulfites in organic wine: Final
By W. Blake Gray

June 16, 2011
Huffington Post
Everything You Wanted to Know About
Sulfites But Still Won't Believe Anyway
By David J. Duman

June, 2011
Press Release
Organic Vintners Launches
New Organic Spanish Wine
Sol De Agosto

May, 2011
The Gray Market Report
Sulfites in organic wine: An update
By W. Blake Gray

Earth Day, 2011
Press Release
Organic Vintners Wines
Featured at Newly Re-Opening
Alfalfa's Market

March, 2011
California North Coast
Vineyard News

Why isn't more wine 'organic'?
By Paolo Bonetti

January, 2011
Los Angeles Times
Why isn't more wine 'organic'?
By W. Blake Gray

October, 2010
The Gray Market Report
Organic wine standards could change for the better
By W. Blake Gray

September, 2010
Delicious Living
Wine: Should you Choose Organic?
By Jessica Rubino

September, 2010
Green Bride Guide
The Green Bride: Don't forget the wine!
By Dana Cappelloni

August, 2010
Wino Woman
Pircas Negras Torrontés Video
By Anne Strand, Certified Sommelier

August, 2010
Milehi Green
The Organic Wine Guide
By Dana Cappelloni

July, 2010
Organic Processing Magazine
Organic Wine: Understanding the U.S. Labeling
Controversy and Toasting to Future Growth
By Kat Schuett

June, 2010
Wine Enthusiast Magazine
87 Points - Organic Vintners 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon

June, 2010
Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Competition WINNER
Pircas Negras Wins Big With Three Medals
Two medals for wine and one for packaging design

March, 2010
The Gray Market Report
Do organically grown grapes still face a stigma?
By W. Blake Gray

November, 2009
Culinary Wine & Food Adventures
Green without tears: the wines of Organic Vintners
By Randy Caparoso

November, 2009
Organic Wine Journal
Nuevo Mundo - First Carbon Neutral Wine In South America
By Adam Morganstern

December, 2008
Lars Jensen, Holmes Winemaker
Interview with Charlotte Tonkin, New Zealand TV3

November, 2008
San Francisco Green Festival
Interview with Michelle L'Don

October, 2008
Pircas Negras Philanthropy
GIving back to local community

June, 2008
Organic Wine Journal
An Organic Debate
By Adam Morganstern, Paolo Bonetti, and Phaedra LaRocca Morrill

March, 2008
Pesticide Action Network Europe
European wines systematically contaminated with carcinogenic pesticide residues

October, 2007
Veg News
Staff Tested and Approved
Featuring Organic Vintners Merlot

September, 2007
Sustainable viticulture: 'so vague it's meaningless'
By Jane Anson

March, 2007
Dr. Greene
Dr. Greene's Organic Rx -- Bonus Item #11, Organic Wine
by Alan Greene, M.D., F.A.A.P.

November, 2006
Prevention Magazine
Drink To Your Health
9 Eco-freindly Wines That Taste Great and Do Your Body Good
Featuruing three wines from Organic Vintners
Château de Bastet, Holmes Pinot Noir, and Fleury Champagne

June, 2006
Food News
Pesticides in Imported Grapes Graph

May, 2006
Wall Street Journal
Organic Wines Make a Natural Progression
By Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher (Full Article WSJ On-line)

December, 2005
Yogi Times
Pose For a Cause
911 Power to the Peaceful Sponsored by Organic Vintners and Café Gratitude

July, 2004
Organic Products Retailer
Merchandising Organic Wine and Beer
By Brenda Porter
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